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Ashford Law Office, PLLC
Linda Ashford, Esq.

Specializing in

  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Parenting Plans (custody)
  • Adoption
  • Guardian Ad Litem
  • Special Education

My practice centers very much around children. Sometimes we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations that we need to address, but our first consideration must be how our actions will affect the children.

My usual preference is to try to settle issues between parties rather than to litigate them. I believe it is much easier to live with an order that you have helped write, rather than an arbitrary order written by a judge.

I have been working with divorce and parenting issues since 2000, and am now a Guardian Ad Litem. I have been working with parents to get their children’s needs met within their schools since 1998.

I offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss the issues facing you and allow you to decide whether my approach and services are appropriate for your situation. Please call or email me to set up that first meeting.

  • Guardian ad litem since 2005
  • Divorce and Parenting issues since 2000
  • Assisting parents to gain needed educational services for their children since 1998

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